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iOS Automation Testing with Ranorex Studio

Use the powerful Ranorex automation framework to write robust tests for your iOS app.

Continuous integration

CI/CD integration

Integrate automated iOS tests with CI servers

iOS automation testing on real devices

Test on real devices

Run your iOS tests on real devices & simulators

Tesing tools for developers and testers

For testers & developers

Instant object tracking and powerful automation API

ios automated testing on mobile and tablet

Run on any iOS device

Design your test once and reuse it across iPhones & iPads

Are you equipped to tackle mobile testing challenges?

From mobile device fragmentation to various operating system versions and browsers.

The iOS market is less fragmented than the Android market due to Apple’s control over its operating system and devices. But despite Apple’s efforts to get users to upgrade, two months after iOS 11 was released only 20% of Apple devices had been transitioned to the new OS, with about 65% on iOS 10 and the remaining devices on even earlier versions. Multiply the various iOS versions by the variety of iPhones and iPads in use, and the result is an abundance of platforms that must be tested. To ensure that your application meets user’s expectations for performance and quality, and that it will pass the Apple App Store’s strict review guidelines, consider aspects such as:

  • Does my application render flawlessly across different screen sizes and resolutions?
  • Does my mobile web app work not just on the default Safari browser, but on other popular iOS browsers such as Chrome and Opera?
  • Can I ensure high end-user experience, regardless of the iOS device my application will be used on?

In order to find satisfying answers to these questions, you will have to do an extensive amount of testing. The Ranorex Studio test automation framework empowers teams, regardless of their test automation experience, to achieve their test automation goals and release high-quality applications faster.

iOS operating system fragmentation

Improve user satisfaction

Enhance robustness and reliability of your iOS application with these Ranorex Studio test automation capabilities.

Design once, run everywhere

Perform iOS automation testing with the Ranorex Studio test automation framework. Due to the powerful RanoreXPath query language, your automated iOS tests can withstand layout changes without breaking, and can instantly be reused across devices with different screen sizes and resolutions.

Reuse iOS tests across devices
iOS testing on real devices

Test on real devices & simulators

Simulators or real devices – each has its pros and cons for automated testing. As you know which option fits your needs the best, you can choose where you want to test your native, mobile web or hybrid iOS application, and simulate real user interaction such as “validate”, “touch”, “swipe” and “change orientation.”

Access device-specific parameters in mobile testing

Access device-specific parameters

Ensure a high user experience of your iOS application, regardless of whether it is installed on an iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro or iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8 / 7 Plus / 7 / etc., and include device-specific information in your automated tests. Access information such as battery, memory, and CPU state as well as calls and text messages stored on a device with Ranorex.

Easy setup process without device modification

Create iOS automation tests in just a few steps.

iOS automation testing execution flow

Choose your connection type

Simply connect Ranorex Studio to your mobile iOS device – iPad or iPhone – using the connection type of your choice: wireless or USB.

No device modification

You don’t have to jailbreak your device. Without entering the XCode environment, you can connect your application with Ranorex Studio using our instrumentation wizard.

Easy test creation & reports

Instantly perform automated testing with our codeless and code-based automation tools. The easily understandable report gives you a detailed overview of the test execution flow.

Start automating now. No credit card required.

Why use Ranorex Studio for iOS application testing

Effortlessly create, maintain and reuse robust end-to-end tests.

Ranorex Studio iOS testing tools

Ranorex supports testing of native, hybrid, mobile web as well as cross-platform apps. The powerful test automation framework, with its tools for coded and codeless test automation, enables teams to improve testing efficiency regardless of their test automation expertise. While you do not need programming skills to create automated tests using the instant tracking functionality of the Ranorex Spy, you can edit recordings or write tests entirely in code using the API for C# and VB.NET. As the lightweight test automation suites and JUnit-compatible reports can easily be integrated into CI/CD environments, you can fully leverage the benefits of agile software development and speed up your software development lifecycle. Using the Ranorex automation framework, you will also benefit from:

object and image based validation

Object and image-based validation

Easily add validation steps to your tests to see if your mobile application looks and works as expected. Ranorex Studio’s award-winning object recognition enables you to reliably validate control attributes, and compare texts as well as images.

cross-device testing

Cross-device and cross-browser testing

Ensure consistent functionality across iPhones and iPads, and increase your return on investment: Once you have designed your tests with Ranorex Studio, you can instantly reuse it across devices, versions of operating systems and browsers.

native browser testing

Native browser testing with Appium

Ranorex Studio uses the open-source mobile testing framework Appium to automate testing in native browsers. This way, you can test your mobile web app directly in native Safari on iOS and not on an instrumented third-party browser app.

data-driven testing

Data-driven & keyword-driven testing

Get the ultimate performance boost: While keyword-driven testing enhances reusability of your tests, you can improve test coverage with data-driven testing, as Ranorex supports external data sets from simple data tables, SQL connectors, CSV and Excel files.

automated regression testing

Automated regression testing

Run regression tests with each update to your application to ensure changes do not break existing functionality. As test suites seamlessly integrate with continuous integration servers, test cases are automatically started as soon as new code is committed.

mobile parallel testing

Parallel testing

Maximize productivity and truly make every second count with parallel test execution. By simultaneously running mobile tests in different environments, you can maximize test coverage and get faster feedback on the quality of your application under test.

Start automating now. No credit card required.