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Why Ranorex Studio

Comprehensive and affordable test automation tools for the entire team.

Ranorex Studio 9.4 — Streamlining your workflow with enhanced Jira integration and self-healing tests.

Focus on your application, not your automation

Let Ranorex handle the complicated details of test automation.
Ranorex Studio, has a full set of tools for easy no-code automation plus a full IDE and open API. Ranorex Studio’s broad technology support makes it possible to automate tests for the most challenging legacy applications as well as the latest web and mobile technologies. Use Ranorex Studio to create coded API tests, combine them with your UI test runs, and take advantage of execution capabilities and  detailed reporting.

Why settle for only when you can get everything. Build absolute cross-platform tests from a single test suite without the need for complicated context switching. Test everything and everywhere all from a no-nonsense license.   


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Easy for beginners, powerful for experts

Rapidly build and deploy reliable, maintainable automated tests — with or without coding.

Achieve test automation goals

Codeless Automation

Drag the slider bar to the right to see how easily beginners can build sophisticated tests with our codeless automation tools. Use powerful capture-and-replay functionality to record test actions. Add field validations and capture screenshots while recording. Drag-and-drop GUI elements or user code modules from the team’s shared repository into recorded actions. Easily build data-driven tests by adding links to data tables, spreadsheets or databases. Point-and-click to add parameters or conditions to test cases.

Achieve test automation goals

Full IDE

Drag the slider bar to the left to see Ranorex Studio’s integrated development environment for testers who prefer to build automation modules using standard programming languages. Our full IDE for C# and VB.NET includes productivity features such as intelligent code completion, tools for debugging and refactoring, automation helpers, and more. Boost team productivity by creating and sharing automation modules as user code collections and methods. Collaborate effectively with support for source control and the Ranorex Magic Merger tool.

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Automate testing for any desktop, web or mobile technology

Whether you are testing a legacy desktop application or a native app for the latest mobile devices, a single Ranorex Studio license includes the technologies that you need. To read more about Ranorex Studio’s support for a specific technology, click one of the links below.

Top technologies:   Desktop testing     .NET      C#      Java      HTML5     iOS     Android

Increase quality and shorten release cycles

Designed for different skills, roles, and needs, Ranorex functional test automation lets QA teams function at their best.

Achieve test automation goals

Achieve test automation goals

When the whole team is responsible for quality, it is important that everyone can contribute to test automation. As Ranorex Studio supports keyword-driven testing, you can ensure that each person’s skill is put to the best use.

Flat learning curve

Benefit from day-one productivity

Minimize the learning curve. Easy-to-use tools and a built-in methodology enable testers to create modular automation scripts that are efficient and maintainable, regardless of programming expertise.

Decrease maintenance effort

Keep maintenance low

Since short release cycles produce software that is continuously evolving, updating automated tests can require considerable effort. The Ranorex studio object repository enables you to easily manage all your UI elements in one place.

Fast feedback

Accelerate the feedback loop

Monitor the impact of software changes on the system by integrating automated testing in your CI/CD environment. Trigger your smoke tests for every code change. Run your full regression suite in parallel or distributed on a Selenium Grid and get results in a fraction of the time.

Free up resources

Free up resources

Build stable, reliable automated tests that provide fast feedback from testing and have a low maintenance cost – freeing you from repetitive, low-level manual tests to perform more challenging verification of your application – so that your team can deliver high-quality applications to end-users.

Free up resources

Foster collaboration

Ranorex Studio is built for collaborative teams, with a shareable object repository, reusable code modules for keyword-driven testing,  support for source control providers Git, SVN, and TFS, and even a “Magic Merger” tool that reduces merge conflicts.

Start test automation now. No credit card required.

Ranorex Studio recognized in Test Automation based on user reviews

We deliver outstanding customer satisfaction

Reviews from satisfied users help make Ranorex Studio a leader in the G2 Grid for Test Automation Software, year after year.The G2 Grid for Test Automation Software identifies leading solutions based on market presence and customer satisfaction. To determine market presence, G2 uses a combination of 15 metrics about a vendor and product such as the number of employees, web and social presence, and growth. The customer satisfaction rating is based on an analysis of reviews submitted by real, verified users.Our high customer satisfaction rating contributes to Ranorex Studio's continued position as a leader in the G2 Grid. Ranorex Studio also receives top marks in areas such as ROI, ease of use, and ease of implementation. For more independently-verified research and reviews, visit the Ranorex Studio page at G2 Crowd,TechValidate, or Capterra.

“Existing tests were taking around 2 days of work, now reduced to around 30 mins per run.”

Software Developer, Large Enterprise Industrial Manufactoring Company

Complete your DevOps toolchain

Ranorex Studio test automation integrates with leading tools for managing the SDLC. 

Integrate automated testing into existing tool environment

A small business computer services company increased testing efficiency, shortened test cycles, and gained robust and reliable test automation using Ranorex Studio, TeamCity, and Jira.

Affordable and flexible licensing

All-inclusive licensing options deliver rapid ROI and on-going savings.

A Ranorex Studio license includes everything you need to get the maximum return on your investment, including access to our professional support team, software maintenance, and a wealth of learning resources. You never have to pay extra to add on tools or technologies.

All technologies
starting from*

*Based on a Ranorex Studio premium node locked perpetual license

Exceptional training and support

Testing support

Professional support

A Ranorex Studio license includes access to our expert support team as well as software maintenance. Need help deciding if Ranorex Studio is the right solution for your test automation goals? Our knowledgeable sales team will assist you through a “proof of concept” evaluation. Ranorex Studio also offers value-add services to ensure your long-term success.

online and on-site training courses

Flexible training options

Gain valuable test automation skills in the way that best fits your needs. Watch live and on-demand webinars that cover topics from getting started through best practices. Or, connect with one of our training partners to learn more about onsite and online training. A certification program is available for testers to demonstrate their expertise with Ranorex Studio.

Test automation resources

Valuable learning resources

The Ranorex Help Center is your one-stop shop for mastering test automation with Ranorex. In addition to our detailed user guide, you will find tips for best practices, release notes, FAQs, “how to” screencasts, the Ranorex user forum and more. The tools you need for success are just a click away!

Easy start to test automation

Get a rocket-fast start to test automation

Tap into our expertise and make your experience with test automation a successful one.

Ensure that you’re choosing the right solution for your requirements by completing a thorough evaluation process – and we’ll accompany you every step of the way. Our goal is for you to have a fully-functional Ranorex solution that is well-integrated with your existing infrastructure at the end of the evaluation period. In-house Ranorex experts will provide you with the in-depth knowledge you need to ensure you can achieve your individual test automation goals.

If you’re ready to get started, download a free trial to experience the power of test automation with Ranorex Studio. Or, join a free evaluation webinar, live or on-demand. Ranorex is ready to help you meet your test automation goals!