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Ranorex Studio Integration
& Tool Support

Continue using the tools you already work with and integrate Ranorex Studio in your existing tool landscape.

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Encourage continuous testing. Ensure continuous quality.

Integrate Ranorex Studio in your continuous integration process and get fast, high-quality feedback on the impact of software changes.

Continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps environments demand continuous testing and fast feedback of testing results. Implementing automated regression testing in your CI server is critical to provide the increased visibility that development teams need to ensure quality releases. Once automated tests are implemented in your CI system, regression tests can run automatically against checked-in changes to the system – giving you a safety net against the introduction of new defects or the re-introduction of old ones.

increased visibility

Increase visibility

Integrated automated testing increases visibility and allows teams to detect software defects faster, and assess the impact of software changes on business goals.

Faster releases

Release high quality software faster

The accelerated feedback loop ultimately leads to more stable builds and enables your team to release reliable, high-quality software faster.

Integration Type Products
defect management icon Issue & Defect Management JIRA, Azure DevOps/Team Foundation Server, Bugzilla
test management icon Test Management Azure DevOps/Team Foundation Server, TestRail, TestShell, TestBench, SpiraTeam, aqua, HP Quality Center, Qualicen
build & release management icon Build & Release Management Azure DevOps/Team Foundation Server, Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo, Team City
test data management icon Test Data Management SQL, Microsoft Excel, CSV
test infrastructure icon Test Infrastructure & Environment Selenium Grid, Browser Stack, Sauce Labs, Agile Designer, ConnectAll, NeoLoad
version control icon Version Control Git, Subversion, Team Foundation Server

“Ranorex Studio is easy to use and supports the technologies that we use.”
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Directly integrate Ranorex Studio into multiple source control systems

Enhance collaboration and keep team members updated on the status of test automation projects.

Ranorex Studio directly integrates with the version control systems TFS, Git and SVN. Teams can manage entire test automation projects without leaving Ranorex Studio, from defining the test environment to checking in changes to a version control system. The benefits? Ensure that developers and testers can access the latest version of a test automation project at all times, instantly review changes due to a visible history, and recover from software defects more quickly. Are you using another version control system? Don’t worry! Since the entire Ranorex project structure is file-based, you can easily integrate Ranorex in any other version control system.

Suversion, Git and Microsoft Team Foundation Server icons

Integrate Ranorex Studio into your development environment

Access the Ranorex core API from Visual Studio and enhance collaboration between developers and testers.

Test automation is essential to both developers and testers – and so is collaboration in teams. Ranorex Studio offers all of the prerequisites needed to ensure developers and testers can seamlessly work together on test automation projects. Because Ranorex Studio is based on the Microsoft .NET framework, it integrates perfectly with Visual Studio. Developers can access Ranorex Studio from within their Visual Studio IDE without leaving the development environment familiar to them, and extend test automation scripts directly in code using C# and VB.NET.

Integrate Ranorex into Visual Studio
Combine Ranorex and Selenium WebDriver tests

A Selenium integration unlike any other

Address common Selenium pain points with the powerful Ranorex automation framework.

Access today’s standard for web test automation: Selenium. With the powerful integration of Selenium WebDriver in Ranorex Studio, you benefit from built-in object mapping, automatic timeout handling, smart identification of dynamic web elements and effortless web testing across all major platforms and browsers. Ranorex Studio is taking web test automation to the next level – for developers and testers.

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