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Ranorex Champions Training

Maximize the effectiveness of your team with online training.

Build a team of test automation champions

Ranorex Champions are experts who can confidently guide colleagues in creating test automation solutions with Ranorex Studio. The Champions Training program is a hands-on instructor-led course that reinforces the best practices of using Ranorex. This program includes customizable modules that focus on your specific applications and technology stacks.

The Ranorex Champions Training course builds on participants’ current understanding and experience, elevating their Ranorex skills to an advanced level.


Ranorex Studio Training

Who should attend

The personal and consultative approach of the Ranorex Champions Training makes it applicable to all skill levels and job titles that will be working with the tool. While the curriculum starts from the very basics of automation, we can accelerate through those exercises quickly for users who are already familiar with Ranorex.

Alternatively, for newcomers, we can be sure to spend more time in these foundational topics to make sure that each user establishes a firm understanding of the concepts. This is one of the main advantages of having a one-on-one training as opposed to a general classroom training: we can customize the curriculum to fit best with the skill level and
focus of your team.

This course assumes that participants have some exposure to Ranorex as well as an elementary understanding of programming and application design concepts.

Quick facts

Duration Approx. 12 hours across several days
Language English
Location Online
Agenda Overview of Ranorex capabilities and components
Ranorex Recorder best practices
Smart Actions
Repository – UI Mapping
Object Identification/RanoreXPath
User code (C#)
Project organization / working in teams*
Ranorex test execution

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